#053 Extreme Gifted Boy Behaviour w/ Teresa Currivan

Extreme Gifted Boy Behaviour w Teresa Currivan Featured Image

In this episode, we’re talking to Teresa Currivan, psychotherapist, author, coach and parent, about understanding extreme behaviour in gifted boys.

We talk about how boys externalise their feelings and what perfectionism, their strong wills, sensitivity, and sense of justice has to do with unpacking this behaviour.

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Memorable Quote

“He’s got his sense of how he wants to be perceived, how he wants to please his teachers, how he wants to please himself. He wants to get things right in school, and so he’s judging himself, even if nobody else is, our gifted kids tend to do that. The more gifted they are, all these factors seem to be a little more extreme.” – Teresa Currivan



Teresa Currivan is a licensed marriage and family therapist, parent coach and school therapist for the San Francisco Unified School district. She consults and speaks to faculty at schools in the San Francisco Bay Area about twice-exceptionality and differently wired learners.

She received her MA in Counselling Psychology using Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and completed post-graduate training at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, CA. She has used drama therapy with young children and talk therapy with parents and other caregivers in the community health setting.

Years ago, her own child was having difficulty in school both socially and academically. She became frustrated trying to figure out how to navigate the world of professionals and educators and was unable to find one person or place who could put all of the moving parts together.

Through her experience helping differently wired children over the years, she has learned that each differently tuned-in child comes with strengths and challenges in unique combinations. Out of this, she developed the Currivan Protocol™. It is a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan that identifies what can be treated, accepts challenges, and embraces strengths.

The Currivan Protocol™ Assessment Tool has been adapted for implementation in the public and private school settings.

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