#058 Is My Child Gifted or Just Smart?

#058 Is My Child Gifted or Just Smart Podcast Featured Image
In this episode we’re talking to Anne, mum of three gifted kids, about figuring out her kids are gifted and finding the right school. All of Anne’s kids express their giftedness differently and have different challenges but they all ached to be seen for who they really are. A great episode if you’re wondering, ‘is my kid gifted?!’. Enjoyed the podcast? then subscribe or get your show notes, free eBook or course at ourgiftedkids.com If this episode inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it in our Facebook group or Instagram or feel connected & supported in our community, the Our Gifted Kids Hub. Please leave a review on your podcast player and help parents find us! Memorable Quote “It was only once we entered school that I noticed that it wasn’t quite right. There was something else going on. I just didn’t know what it was. There were some wonderful moments in their childhoods that they would just blow me away and I’d be like, that’s so awesome. And there were other moments that were quite frightening as well.” – Anne Resources Hit play and let’s get started!

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