#073 Celebrating & Reflecting on 100,000 gifted downloads!

#073 Celebrating & Reflecting on 100,000 gifted downloads! Podcast Featured Image

In this episode, we’re celebrating reaching the 100,000 downloads milestone and reflecting on what a big two years it has been!

Join our host, Sophia Elliott as we look back and look forward.

Memorable quote… “an absolutely massive thank you to everyone who listens and shares the podcast, all of the guests that we’ve had, and of course, my family and friends for supporting me in doing this.” – Sophia Elliott

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Sophia Elliott: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome back. It’s 2023 and this is the Our Gifted Kids Podcast. I am very excited to be here today talking to everyone. Today we’re doing, uh, slightly different podcasts because we have had more than 100,000 downloads of the Our Gifted Kids podcast, and I just wanted. Take a moment to celebrate that and reflect that with you a bit.

So that’s what today’s episode is all about. So let’s do it. [00:01:00] Hello and welcome back. , it’s a delight to be getting in touch with everyone again. I feel like I have quite deliberately had a bit of a break over Christmas, slightly extended.

I have been telling myself for the last few weeks it’s like, right, let’s get the podcast out, get the podcast out. But in all reality, I obviously wasn’t quite ready. And you know, one of the many lessons that I have learned over. Just a little over two years of doing the podcast. So today we’re gonna celebrate, when I checked, uh, recently, like in the last 24 hours, it was like 102,600 and something downloads in a little over two.

across 72 [00:02:00] episodes, with a, like a, a wonderful, like, just delightful number of guests joining me. Uh, and to be honest, these are the hardest episodes to do the ones where I’m just talking. I am never quite like organized or patient enough. Script them. Like I, I do a lot of thinking about it when I’m like driving around and my day to day about what I’m gonna say and I’ll, I’ll make some notes and I’ll procrastinate a lot.

This is actually the third time I’ve sat down to do this. I wasn’t happy with the first two times, but I’m like, right, this is, it doesn’t matter what I say. This is the episode. It’s happening right now, and there is an element. Uh, done is better than perfect and it has been my mantra over the last two years because anyone who has listened, I am a reformed perfectionist and, and my old self would still be [00:03:00] thinking about doing a podcast cause it would never be quite right.

And, and that is one of the big lessons that I have learnt done is actually. Better than perfect. And it has got me to, and us and all of us to a hundred, 2000 podcast downloads. Um, that’s pretty awesome. And I, I wanna say thank you sincerely heartfeltly for listening, for sharing, and, and especially to our members who have actually helped the podcast stay afloat in their.

Um, I hugely appreciate it and it’s really wonderful. Now I’m actually at the park. I’ve dropped one of my kids off two scouts and I thought, darn it, I’m gonna record this podcast, come hella high water. Um, so I’m just moving because a family has come and I don’t wanna accidentally film the kids in the background.[00:04:00]

And I’ve, I’ve already come to terms with background noise. This is the second place I went to. I thought initially, oh, just go to the nearby shops, car park. That’ll be quiet enough. And it wasn’t. And to be honest, it probably is more quiet than here. , but I’ve got to the point I started off and I had an hour, so I’ve dropped, dropped my little one off to scouts, right?

I’ve got an hour. I really only want this podcast to be short. Plenty of time, but I have been very procrastinating. And so I’ve probably got about 30 minutes left, uh, maybe less before I need to go pick him up. So that’s the reality of podcasting when you’re a mom of three and you’ve got all sorts going on, to be honest, uh, a lot of people like, oh, I don’t know how you do it and just fit it in.

I dunno, either. And sometimes I don’t. And you may have noticed over the last couple of years there have been gap. In putting the [00:05:00] podcast out. And that has been essential because there have been those times where I just couldn’t speak cuz of stuff that was going on for us. And that’s kind of the journey and, and I try to be really honest about that because the last thing I want is to be another person on social media that appears as though they’ve got it all sorted and.

Someone else that we feel the pressure of comparison against, because I really don’t, I mean, I might have a bit a bit more sorted these days. I have learnt an awful lot. But it really is just a journey and that journey starts with our kids. And inevitably that journey extends to our own personal growth.

And I think if I’m gonna reflect honestly in the last two, That’s the big thing. It’s the more we learn about ourselves, the better we know [00:06:00] ourselves, then we can actually use that to parent and to know our kids better. And so for me, that’s very much the journey and, and what I think I’ve tried to share through the podcast and the different topics that we do, just kind of being very honest about where I.

And asking those questions and looking for those people and having those conversations. And from the feedback I get, I feel like I’m hitting the mark. Um, and, and that sharing that story is helping you as parents to feel less lonely about that journey that you are on. And we’ve had some amazing, wonderful guests.

Like sometimes I really pinch myself. Uh, someone got in contact late last year. and they were like, oh, we’d love to organize this podcast. You might have heard of this person. And I’m not gonna tell you who it is cuz I’m like super excited. It’s like proper teaser. But I was like, [00:07:00] yes, yes, I’ve heard of that person.

Oh my God, totally. Come on the show. So I have a really cool interview coming up in the next couple of months with someone. Next level, um, awesomeness. Not that they aren’t all next level awesomeness, but you know, just kind of, I don’t get fan girly very often, but it was like, oh wow, wow. This is special.

And I’m always incredibly humbled by that. People getting in touch and wanting to be on the show and people’s generosity with their knowledge and experience what everyone’s prepared to share with. , it’s an absolute privilege to host this podcast and to meet all of those people and to share all of those people with you.

So when we started out, the whole point of the podcast was I wanted to make it easier for other parents. So when I [00:08:00] started this journey, it was really hard to find the helpers, the information, figure out what it was all about, and I just thought if there was one place that you could just go. To figure out what it was all about, find the helpers, find the people, and just kind of get that leg up.

And that’s why our gifted kids was all about the podcast and the website. And I feel as though we have done that. But I’m also excited about the next 12 months refining that and really doing that. But even better than we have been. Like there’s a lot of space for improvement. Believe me, . You know, it’s a work, it’s always a work in progress.

And so I’m excited to have space in my life this coming year, which is one, no number one, absolutely amazing. And to be able to, hang on, I’m being eaten by aunts here. I’ve gotta keep moving. And to be able to actually focus [00:09:00] on what our, our mission was when we started. and really make sure we’re delivering on that mission.

Um, and so keep an eye out over, you know, the next 12 months to see what we get up to. Because I feel like, I feel like I’m at a point where we can finally do some of the cool stuff that I’ve always wanted to do and finally deliver things in a really clear and simple way for parents just to make it nice and easy for.

So today’s all about celebrating. It’s about reflecting. I’ve never been particularly good at celebrating stuff and it’s something I have been working on. So, uh, in celebration of this milestone, uh, uh, an absolute massive thank you to everyone who listens and shares all of the guests that we’ve had, and of course, my family and friends for supporting me in doing this [00:10:00] because, You know, it’s, um, there’s a, there’s a cost to everything and my time and energy and, um, resources.

And so it’s, um, it’s been very much a team effort. And so all of my sincere thanks, uh, I probably would say especially to my family and husband, except I know he doesn’t listen and I know that because this is a funny. we’re in a, uh, Facebook group together as parents, uh, associated with the school maker to go to, and this topic came up and he made this comment in the group of, oh, wow, I’d really love to know more about this.

Does anyone, you know, know of any resources on this particular issue? And one of the other parents who was a friend of mine, uh, put this cheeky reply in, like, well, actually I, I know this really cool podcast that has these episodes on this particular issue. Maybe you should have a listen. And of course, shared my podcast with my husband to have a listen to.

So [00:11:00] that, um, had a real chuckle there. And of course he didn’t listen to them. He just said, can you just give me the short version , which is the way that we work. I read the books and give him the, the cliff notes. So to. and uh, and it’s important to have that relationship with each other because there’s a lot of learning to do and there’s a lot of work and everyone has, uh, the different strengths that they bring to the table.

Uh, and so my sincere thanks to him and my family and my very good friends who have supported me along the way, it’s meant an awful lot. And my new friends I have made along the way. Um, and people who get in touch. To be on the podcast or to have ideas about, you know, do you wanna do this? Someone just late last year got in touch and said, Do you have any episodes on the first year of school?

And I was like, no, not explicitly. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Uh, do you wanna be on an episode? So we’ve actually got a [00:12:00] little mini-series coming up, which is all about those first years of schooling, which I’m super excited about. , and I think there might be three or four, and they, they’re gonna come out next.

So that’s exciting. And I’ve been recording those through January. Uh, and, and so you never know, you message me, email me, comment on, uh, social media, and you, uh, you know, you may end up being on the podcast with your great ideas and you never know where it ends up. But I really love the organic nature of that.

Um, I mean, I could. More organized about it all. But, um, I actually really enjoy that spontaneity and going with the flow as things arise. And, but there are a few things I’m going to return to that have been in the pipeline for a while, which I’m super excited about this year. I’m not gonna tell you anymore.

You’re just gonna have to wait and see. There is lots, which is really exciting and I’m feeling very excited. [00:13:00] Um, and so if I’m going to reflect on the last couple of. Hang on. I just make sure I’m not being eaten by ants. No, I’m good. If I’m going to reflect on the last couple of years, oh, uh, do you know, it’s just been huge.

Uh, if I remember, you know, the first podcast I did. Uh, the first, you know, like Facebook and Instagram lives, I did basically just shedding myself. Um, just kind of like that fear of, oh my God, what am I doing? Going out there talking about gifted nurse outing myself as a parent of a gifted kid. It was terrifying and hard.

Uh, and I’m obviously, I’m glad I did it. It’s much easier these days. I care less. The fear. Um, and, and I feel really [00:14:00] thankful that that’s opened up a space for other parents to,

to connect and feel less lonely because that was the whole point of it, that we all feel less lonely. And so it’s been a real journey with the podcast, um, learning the lessons about. Computer memory, uh, and saving things like, oh man, that don’t, don’t get me started. I can’t share that story without swearing, um,

But there’s been a lot of, there’s been a lot. There’s just been so much and personally over the last two years, and I have shared some of this story along the way, uh, my own kind of journey parallel to the podcast of. , you know, investigating my own neurodivergency and giftedness, having, you know, bringing those conversations in to the podcast, uh, and making [00:15:00] those connections, um, between giftedness and, and being neurodivergent in other ways as well.

And I feel as though we will talk more about that as the year goes on, because, , whenever I sort of do talk about that, I get a lot of people get in touch. Uh, a lot of adults, parents, women, um, especially, uh, kind of sharing their sort of where they’re at in that journey. And I, I feel, you know, like that’s definitely a conversation that we need to keep going and keep having.

Because it’s such a big one for all of us, and as I always say, it’s worth it because it helps us be better parents, and that’s what our kids sort of need from us as well. So it’s been wonderful to celebrate a little. A wee little podcast in between my scout drop off and pick up. Uh, we’ve had [00:16:00] ants, we’ve had folk at the park.

There was a fellow here earlier and I had to sort of wait for him to go. There’s actually been some really big ants anyway, so hundred over a hundred thousand downloads, two years already. We. cool stuff coming up this year. I’m super excited about it, like, and stuff that really makes me excited. There’s a lot of, um, podcasts and videos and things that w planning for this year, but also it’s, what you won’t see is all the backend systems that I have been working on, um, since sort of, you know, Mid to late last year and continuing to refine to make it all easier and, and, and work, which is super exciting for me.

And you, you may notice in, in terms of efficiency, uh, if you were, if you by chance messaged me by the [00:17:00] website at late last year and I didn’t reply. I apologized with all my heart, but I had major tech issues. That, uh, I had to really do a massive overhaul. Like it’s a long story, but all that stuff should be sorted now and it should be more reliable because it’s important to me that, uh, when you get in touch, you feel heard and that I have the opportunity to say hello and reply.

Uh, so, um, so on the off chance I have missed anyone, please get back in. Tachos feel terrible at the idea. Um, but ways that you can support the podcast, uh, because we do need support. This doesn’t happen by itself. It takes about 12 hours from beginning to end to publish a podcast. Probably not today’s , but normally, uh, um, and that’s a whole lot of time and energy and resources, so, Review us.

Uh, you can give us five stars right now, even if you don’t have [00:18:00] time to leave a comment on your podcast player of choice. Uh, that really helps us spread the word and find more people, and that in itself is a huge help. You could also, joy, join our newsletter on the website. You can like us on social media.

We’re on Facebook and Instagram. We have a free. On Facebook where we, uh, are going to hopefully, you know, we have a bit of a chat and there’s stuff going on in there, and I hope to do more of that this year as we get on a bit of a role. We also have opportunities to financially support the podcast, which is also appreciated.

Uh, we have a sort of patron style, 7 99 a month, uh, which accesses your own online portal, which has a few little perks in there. In return for that support. And then we have two tiers of membership, which [00:19:00] access a different online portal, private Facebook group, zoom webinars with myself and guests throughout the year.

And the higher tier also does some one-on-one discovery call, sort of consultations, um, for like peer support. So check those out on the website. Uh, and if you. benefited some way in, you know, in the last couple of years. Even just a, a one off tip jar style. Thank you. Donation is appreciated and helps us continue to deliver the podcast, um, and all the cool stuff that we’ve got planned for the year.

So over a hundred thousand podcast downloads. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me. It is an absolute privilege. I feel so grateful to meet so many awesome people in our community. Uh, all the guests I’ve had, all the listeners that I chat to and get to know. It’s [00:20:00] just such a privilege. I feel so humbled that people are coming on this journey with me.

and that it can be helpful in any way. So get in touch if you’ve got topic ideas, uh, questions that we haven’t addressed yet and need to answer. Uh, I love hearing from everyone. It really does keep me going and, and help to know that we’re making that connection because it’s all about community and it’s all about our gifted kids being that hub in the.

Of that community, connecting parents with like professionals who are offering services and, and other parents just for that validation and peer support. So it’s a wonderful journey to be on. I’m super excited to get into 2023 and share more of that with you guys. So thank you so much, and I’ll be talking to you very soon with a little mini-series on the early years of.[00:21:00]

Uh, and I dunno if you can hear that wonderful laughter in the background. It’s absolutely delightful. So I’m gonna get outta here, uh, away from the ants, pick up my child from scouts and I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye.

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