#086 What is living with ADHD really like? w/ Meghann Birks

In this episode we’re talking to coach Meghann Birks about being gifted and having ADHD,  late-in-life diagnosis, lived experience of ADHD, how we can manage from day to day, the challenges, the strengths, parenting and so much more.

Memorable quote… “

“I think that the flip side of this is that there are things I found challenging as an adult and as a mother, that when I started to really understand my brain, the perspective changed. And then there was another layer of perspective shift for me that came when I started to do the work on reparenting myself.

My 10-year-old son is constantly doing cartwheels and running around and I used to get quite resentful, especially in public spaces. I’m like, don’t run into people. Be quiet. You know? All those social norms that we all feel the pressure of… 

And when I realised, my therapist asked me, ‘what was something you needed as a child that you didn’t have?’ And my answer immediately was, I needed someone who could keep up with me. 

And immediately I went, I get to be that for him. And I can’t always physically keep up with him because he is 10 and I am in my mid forties. However, I can give you the space for that exuberance to exist.

And there is a huge part of the work that I do, especially with women, which coincides with midlife… Where a lot of the work that women do in midlife is far from a crisis. It is a reclamation of who we were before the world stamped it out of us.” – Meghann Birks


Meghann Birks, is an Embodiment Coach and Trauma Informed Professional Trainer based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula where she lives with her partner and two highly spirited boys.

“I’m a coach, writer, dancer, Steel Mace Flow Coach and wannabe surf goddess who loves creating, coffee, lifting heavy, movement and sleep. I also have a wonderfully neurodivergent brain that shows itself via ADHD and I’m passionate about helping women with this diagnosis create an incredible life where they can flourish.

I am fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves, how they impact us and how we can, with proper support, change the narrative to move us toward a pure and joyful expression of who we are and why we’re here.”

She holds the designation of Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy, one of the world’s leading training organisations. This intensive course covered an array of learning modules and she was required to coach both internal and external clients under supervision from a Master Coach before she received her certificate.

She also holds: Cert III in Fitness, Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Training), Completion of the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Course, Numerous qualifications in the area of program design and facilitation, Steel Mace Flow Coach Level 1, Certificate in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy from The Embody Lab, and ‘An Advanced Degree from the School of Hard Knocks, as some of my super fun eff-ups in life are the reason I am now so good at what I do.’

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