#030 What one School has done to Meet the Needs of Gifted Students

#030 What one School has done to Meet the Needs of Gifted Students

Helen Finlay, Principal of St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School, joins us today to talk about her new initiatives for gifted education at SPW.

Helen talks to us about the importance of meeting the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students and how they are doing that at SPW, including inquiry-based learning, explicit instruction, new teacher training options and new gifted education programs.

What I love is that Helen has not only improved understanding and the offerings around gifted education at SPW but she’s opened up training opportunities and a conversation for teachers and leaders locally to help improve understanding in the sector. Big love to Helen for being the change we need.

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Memorable Quote

“It’s hard to view those children [gifted children] through a lens of vulnerable learners, but they are vulnerable learners. They run the risk of feeling disenfranchised, they run the risk of disengaging from school, and in fact, we know the research tells us that if children learn that school is not somewhere where they are engaged from reception through to year 1 and 2 you may have lost them for the rest of their schooling journey, that’s how crucial it is.” – Helen Finlay, Principal



Helen Finlay is the current Principal of St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School in Glenelg, commencing her tenure there in October 2020. Most recently Helen was the Head of Junior School, St Philip’s Christian School, Gosford, and Director of Teaching and Learning across the whole school (Reception – Year 12). She has previously been an education consultant for the NSW Association of Independent Schools, and taught at St Luke’s Anglican School Bayview and Oxford Falls Grammar School.

Helen holds a Master of Education from the University of NSW, Certificate of Gifted Education from the University of NSW, Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education from Macquarie University, and is currently completing her Masters of Education Leadership at Macquarie University.

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