Parents of gifted kids need peace of mind.

Not to feel alone. Judged. Powerless.

That’s why we created Our Gifted Kids.

VISION: To create a global village of parents, carers, experts and educators of gifted children; to remove the stigma of being gifted and support parents to help their family thrive. 

MISSION: To nourish parents and gifted children by creating a global hub for the gifted community, including parents, experts, educators, and all stakeholders; a safe space of belonging, resources and support. To advocate for gifted children and improve educational resources, support and community understanding.

We’re here to start a conversation

Our Gifted Kids is a place to get together and share our knowledge and celebrate our quirky community.

To do this we’ve started a podcast hosted by Sophia Elliott, our Founder.

Whether you’re a parent, educator, professional or policymaker. – join us for an important conversation and help us improve our understanding of gifted kids so that parents get support to parent, educators get support to educate and we help gifted kids thrive.

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Who is Sophia?

The CEO – Mum – Avid Traveller

As a parent of gifted children, I have been where you are now.

Wondering what to do and where to get help, feeling alone and isolated, and ‘one of those parents’.

Wondering what alternate reality I’d just fallen into?

I remember like it was yesterday, that slightly manic and hysterical laugh I had as the psychologist explained the results of my child’s assessment and said the words ‘in twenty years I’ve only seen 2 or 3 kids like your son.

On the way home my husband and I had more nervous laughter, and tears as we felt totally overwhelmed with this new unknown world we were stepping into…

I have gifted kids, They are all different.

I’ve met awesome parents, teachers, professionals and a bunch of awesome gifted kids. I don’t feel alone or isolated any more, I have a community where we all value each other’s quirks and can just be ourselves.

But, and there’s always a but, right?

I kept meeting and talking to parents who had been through similar or different traumatic experiences as they went though that journey of figuring out ‘what was wrong’ with their child, why they ‘weren’t fitting in’, ‘behaving properly’ and then trying to find answers and help.

Every time I heard about the terrible toll this was taking on parents and children and families it broke my heart. I thought, someone needs to do something about this, it’s not right. Parents need help, these kids need understanding and support. This needs to change.

But that someone didn’t turn up.
So, I took the leap.

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I have had a varied career, easily adapting and mastering different areas of work, and in recent years I’ve been knee-deep in motherhood. I don’t have everything figured out but I’ve figured out a lot. Enough to know that as soon as you have it figured out your kids change the rules! lol

I worked as a policy advisor for an education minister, so I understand policy creation, I worked as a political campaigner, so I understand bringing people together, I worked as a program manager for an exciting charity that worked with vulnerable teenagers, so I understand projects, and bring together the people to make it a success.

I decided to use these skills to create Our Gifted Kids.

A place where parents and carers of gifted kids can belong, find community, connection and understanding. Somewhere you can be yourself and talk about the challenges and celebrations of parenting gifted kids without censoring yourself.

Our Gifted Kids brings parents and experts together so we can help these awesome little folk thrive.

If you’re a parent, check out the stories of other parents in Our Tribe and think about adding your own.

We collect and share stories so that we can start a conversation and change perceptions of giftedness and parenting gifted kids. It’s important that teachers and policy-makers understand the journey that kids and parents go through.

If you’re a professional working with gifted kids, I’d love to connect.

You can dive deeper into my career on LinkedIn and connect with me there or through our contacts page – I’d love to get in touch and work with you.

the support squad

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The way we work

Some of the fine print.

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