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Our Blog is full of many stories. We collect and share stories so that we can start a conversation and change perceptions of giftedness and parenting gifted kids.

Parents have opened their hearts and shared stories of parenting their gifted kids so that…
♥ our community – educators, family, and policy-makers – understand the journey and how we can work together to raise happy adults, and;
♥ you can see you’re not alone and that we’re all taking one day at a time.

Enjoy! and if you’d like to contribute, let us know!

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What does being gifted really mean Blog image

What does being gifted really mean?

What does being gifted really mean? Let’s look at this through IQ testing, and then other ways of identifying giftedness without IQ tests; ways that are less common and aren’t the current generally accepted way. Maybe that will change in the future.

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A walk in the park blog image

A walk in the park

It isn’t easy to break out of a rut but here is our story and a few ideas for putting down the screens and getting into nature.

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