#004 Gifted Kids Books with Gloria and Peter van Donge

by | Oct 30, 2020

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Today I’m speaking with Gloria and Peter van Donge about their series of picture books written especially for gifted kids.

In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Gifted kids having very specific challenges that Gloria’s book address:
    • Loving to learn, being creative thinkers, emotional sensitivity
    • Finding it hard to fit in
    • Perfectionism, camouflaging behaviours
  • The books are for parents, grandparents and teachers and come with resources to help you use them that are linked to the Australian curriculum & early years framework
  • The books have been published in many countries and by councillors and psychologists

Hit play and let’s get started!

Memorable Quote

“The underlying theme of the series is of acceptance and it really is ok to be gifted.” – Gloria

“It’s ok to be creative and innovative and enjoy the results of successful negotiations” – Gloria

“Its ok to be curious, to have a desire to learn.” – Peter


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