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Parenting gifted kids is hard and lonely but it doesn’t have to be.

Discover the truth about being gifted so that you can parent with intention, without doubting yourself.

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“Well done on the latest podcast too!!! Can’t thank you enough!

I wasn’t having a great day yesterday and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Had me laughing a lot, crying and sighing with relief that I’m not alone! Thank you!!!”

a reassured mum of a gifted kid

Our Gifted Kids Podcast
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Our Gifted Kids Podcast

for parents of gifted kids 

Need to know more about gifted assessments?

Is your child a perfectionist? or 2E?

What is 2E?

Sex, sexuality & gender – what does a parent of gifted kids need to know?

Screen time? Growth mindset?

Listen to what the experts have to say. 

Podcast Review Our Gifted Kids Podcast 5 Stars
Podcast Review Our Gifted Kids Podcast 5 Stars 2

What is giftedness??

Parent effectively by learning about the gifted brain.

Don’t make the mistake of parenting with only one part of the picture, gifted is more than high IQ.

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the our gifted kids story so far

minutes of expert interviews

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minutes of parents sharing their story

Great story. So good to hear these experiences and know we are not alone in the journey.” -gifted2Esupport

Go from Survive to Thrive in the Our Gifted Kids Hub

A community for parents of gifted kids. A place to connect with other parents of gifted kids,  get information and resources to parent your gifted child. The Hub opens twice per year as a monthly subscription.

“Loving what you do! Thanks for helping me feel less isolated in this wonderful journey.” – Mel

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Who gets to be gifted in America?

Check out the Manifesto!

Join the conversation.

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Blogs from a mum of gifted kids…

Hello, and welcome…

This is a place you can belong, where you and your beautiful family can be your quirky and perhaps slightly eccentric selves. Somewhere you can ask questions you’ve been too afraid to ask elsewhere. A place you can celebrate your successes.

We gather resources from all over the globe to help you parent these unique critters, feel seen and heard, and give you peace of mind no matter what stage you’re at.

Maybe you don’t know if your child is gifted but you have a feeling something is not quite as it seems?

Maybe you’ve been through the assessment process or are considering it?

Maybe, like me, you have gifted kids and you’re taking one day at a time as they change and grow and you’d like to share that journey with folk who get it?

You’re in the right place, welcome to Our Gifted Kids!