Unpacking Giftedness

Parenting gifted kids is hard and lonely but it doesn’t have to be.

With these 3 Steps we will help you Unpack Giftedness.
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Step 1

Listen to the Podcast

Unpacking Gifted Online Course for parents of gifted kids

Step 2

Do the Course

Parents of gifted kids in the Our Gifted Kids Hub

Step 3

Connect with Community

Discover the truth about being gifted so that you can parent with intention, without doubting yourself.

The important thing to remember is that it does not look like just one thing.

If your child is gifted then they don’t fit into a box. Not even a gifted box.

There is a range of characteristics that gifted kids share and there are different ways to be gifted so it is about understanding what this looks like for your child.

We’ve got a bunch of resources to help you figure it out!

Step 1

Listen to the podcast

Giftedness is not what most people think and it is important to understand it as being neuro-divergent or a neuro-minority, not just a person with a High IQ. There are heaps of great podcasts from experts and really important episodes where parents share their stories; this is where you start to see yourself and your family in other people’s stories and it can have a really big impact.

Start with these episodes:

#027 Gifted is more than High IQ, Let’s talk about the brain! is all about understanding how the gifted brain is different.

#044 Unpacking Neurodiversity is all about thinking of giftedness in a new way.

#002 What is gifted? Who would know better than Lynda McInnes, Principal of Australia’s only school for gifted kids?

Step 2

Do the course

Are you ready to dig deeper into giftedness?

Part 1 is Free

You can start for free; by understanding the gifted brain you can parent more effectively. Don’t make the mistake of parenting with only one part of the picture. Gifted is more than just high IQ.

Part 1 is FREE, sign up here and we’ll email it to you.

Or jump right in... the Unpacking Gifted Course

Unpacking Gifted is our online course for parents of gifted kids, educators or anyone wanting to understand what giftedness is all about.

Part 1 – Parent effectively by learning about the gifted brain, unpacks how the gifted brain is different.

Part 2 – Everything Explained, covers a brief history of IQ, dives percentiles, levels, profiles, bell curves, assessment and so much more.

Part 3 – Red Flags in the Classroom, talks about what it’s like to be twice exceptional, perfectionism, overexcitabilities and more.

Part 4 – Resource Library holds a range of resources that gets added to all the time.

Part 5 – Your Next Steps… whether you’re a parent or educator, it helps you figure out where to go next.

Step 3

Connect with Community

Parenting a gifted kid can be really challenging and you need people around you who understand the very particular strengths and weaknesses of your child. We need a safe place we can celebrate their (sometimes very amazing) successes as much as we need a safe place to talk through the bad days. Our Gifted Kids is that place.

There are different ways to get involved in the Our Gifted Kids community:

Our Gifted Kids Hub

Our Hubs provide a safe place for parents of gifted kids to… 

*learn what giftedness is all about and gain confidence in that understanding,

*get support on that unique and challenging journey of parenting a gifted child,

*be able to share in a safe space and connect with other parents of gifted kids, and 

*feel relieved by finding a direction and knowing where you’re going.

Find peace of mind, that it’s not you. Parenting gifted kids is different, and hard, but you’ll get through this with a community that understands that journey. A community that shares the highs and lows and is committed to understanding ourselves and how to parent with intention.

We have three different community options; something for everyone.

For as little as the cost of a coffee per month, a coffee per week or coffee and cake per week, you can find extra support that works for you!