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My Strong Mind by Niels Van Hove - A story about developing mental strength, practising and making mistakes

This is a lovely story about Kate, who ‘is a sporty and happy girl… but like every girl, she faces difficult situations at home or at school.’
One day Kate read a book about strong minds and decided to tackle some of her challenges with her strong mind. The story follows Kate as she ‘learned that everyone has their own brain and can make up their own mind… so {they} can tackle any challenge.’
She realises the benefits of practicing, making mistakes, and control. There are some nice notes for parents that talk about mental toughness as a combination of resilience, curiosity and drive to grow yourself and confidence in your own abilities.

Great for gifted kids because it shows them they have the means to tackle challenges and with practice they can get through it. It really puts life into their hands.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett & Gary Rubinstein

This is a story about Beatrice who never makes mistakes and her life before making her first mistake and her life after. It shows the joy to be gained from life in making mistakes, getting messy, having fun with doing things back to front.

This is a lovely book for gifted kids who are perfectionists like Beatrice. It will hopefully inspire them to make some fun mistakes!

The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken

This is a visually stunning book that will delight creative children and children who like details. It is charming in its delivery of minimal words and wonderful pictures. It starts with an accidental splotch and the story unfolds as each mistake is transformed into something beautiful. It challenges the way we look at the world and how mistakes are viewed.

It is a lovely demonstration of the creative process, how marks shift into form as we use our imagination. 

A great book for creative kids and perfectionists or anyone wanting to look at the world in a new way!

Apps & Games


Prodigy is an online web-based, Android, and Apple game using Mathematics to power your character and allowing them to battle in Pokemon style challenges.
The software automatically adjusts the difficulty of the questions as your child progresses and as a parent, you get periodic reports that we found useful to focus on knowledge gaps.

The game is online so kids can see others who are online, but there is no chat facility and in-game characters can only gesture to each other with things like waves and dances.

Access is free, but there is a nagging ‘premium members get more stars’ screen at the end of every battle, so kids feel like they are missing out on something. Prices for premium are about US$5 a month and each child needs a separate account, so premium can add up for a large family.

Good for kids who like games like Pokemon and have a love of numbers.

Teach your monster to read

Teach your monster to read is a web-based, Android, and Apple game using cute mini-games to teach your child the basics of reading from sounds to sentences. The games are forgiving and help build confident readers.

The web-based version is free, with the app costing around US$5 as a one-off purchase. There are no further in-game purchases or adverts.

Good for kids starting out on their reading journey.

Chess Kids

A cute program that teaches your child chess and they can also play against friends.

Khan Academy

This is a great site if your child needs a bit of extension at home.

They have all sorts of courses for all ages (stages) on a variety of subjects.

Our son went crazy on physics, there’s lots of maths but also arts, history and life skills, to name a few.

This is a solid source and often seen as a referral for gifted kids.

Toys & Educational Stuff

Wonder Workshop Dash

Dash and Dot are cute robots that can grow with your child. At the basic level, the robots can be used like a remote control toy, wheeled around the house, colours changed, voices recorded, they are a lot of fun.

For older kids, there are more advanced programming options and accessories to extend learning and provide a good foundation of understanding for coding.

Subatomic: An atom building game

For kids into the periodic table, this is a cool game.

It takes a little investigation to figure out the rules and my younger (not periodic table obsessed) kids found it a bit hard to play (as did Nana).

But my son loved it.

So if your kids talk the language of quarks, protons, neutrons, and electrons then this deck-building game is for them! (invite their friends over to play it with them!).

Magnetic Building Blocks

All of my kids love playing with these magnetic shapes, making everything from spaceships to houses.

They provide a wonderful opportunity to use your imagination and are suitable for many ages.

They are uncomplicated and enable open-ended imaginative play!


Seriously, failing all else give your child some dirt or sand and a bucket of water and just let them go knowing you can throw them in the bath later.

Don’t underestimate these learning opportunities.

My seven-year-old son spent three terms at school playing in the new nature play sandpit because it had a water source.

They spent every lunchtime building dams, testing sand/clay combinations for maximum effect, testing dam wall height, shape, and consistency. Working together with other kids they knew and didn’t know and learning how to work as a team.

Kids will use their imagination and creativity in any environment just give them the tools and go have a coffee 🙂

Services & Professionals

Heart Through Art

One of my children spent time with Jane and the therapy sessions were so insightful.

Here is some info about Art therapy: “it’s a process, of articulating in the art, something that might otherwise be difficult with words. The art-making process utilises specific art materials and techniques that resonate with the client and the problem they bring to therapy. The importance is on the ‘process’ rather than the end result of the session.​

The benefits can include: clarity and insight, feeling heard, stress reduction, shifting perspective, learning to cope differently with challenging situations, confidence, creative problem solving, communication and self-awareness.”

Based in Adelaide, Australia

Learning Seeds

Learning Seeds has created and designed educational kits for young children aged 3-5 years and also stock educational products/toys for children aged 1-8 years.

The products are gorgeous and would suit younger kids learning ahead of their time.

Inventorium - online learning with a difference

A very good friend of mine talks a lot about this program so I had to include it. Keep an eye out as we’ll go deeper on this one!

“Innovative, leading edge, online, student centred learning and education system.”

“The Inventorium system of learning, designed by a group of teachers and corporate professionals, is a completely new way of thinking about and delivering learning to people of all ages. It is adaptable to its users’ needs.

It is a learning system and platform that offers a curriculum for everyone in High School and beyond. Our years 10-12 curriculum focuses on developing employability while achieving High School Certificate outcomes; and our years 7-9 curriculum focuses on developing future citizenship while achieving ACARA year 7-9 outcomes. There is also a corporate version to support you after school when you enter the workplace.”

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Schools & Gifted Programs

Your local gifted association

Most states will have a gifted association that offers referrals or services such as extension classes or even conferences.

They are worth checking out if you would like to get involved and meet people locally.

In Australia, there is a list on the AAEGT site.

In the USA check out the NAGC site for local state links.

In the UK check out Potential Plus UK.

Davidson Academy

Established in 2006, the Davidson Academy was the first free public school for profoundly gifted middle and high school kids. Situated at the University of Nevada, it teaches by stage, not age. It also now has an online campus.

A fascinating school!


Dara School

Australia’s first school for gifted kids, situated in Adelaide, South Australia.

The school was established in 2017 and now offers from grade 1 to 12 at its new site, the historical Cobham Hall.

A small but growing school that also offers professional development for teachers wanting to learn more about gifted kids.


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Other Cool Stuff

The Gifted Kid Zone Books

This is a sneak peek as we’re talking to Gloria and Peter next week in our podcast. They have a beautiful collection of books written for gifted kids that address the unique traits and challenges of being gifted.

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