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Here are 4 things you can do to get started…

What is gifted?

This is the big question!

The important thing to remember is that it does not look like just one thing.

If your child is gifted then they don’t fit into a box. Not even a gifted box.

There is a range of characteristics that gifted kids share and there are different ways to be gifted so it is about understanding what this looks like for your child.

We’ve got a bunch of resources to help you figure it out!

Here’s what you can do:

1. Listen to our ‘What is Gifted’ podcast as we interview the Principal of Australia’s only gifted school.

2. Join our Facebook Group and talk to other parents about your experience.

3. Read & listen to stories from other parents because it helps to know that your child is ‘normal’ it’s just a different kind of ‘normal’.

4. Join the waitlist for our ‘What is Gifted’ course. Everything you need to know… coming soon!


1. Listen to the Podcast 



What is gifted? Who would know better than Lynda McInnes, Principal of Australia’s only school for gifted kids?

Show Notes & Transcript here!

2. Join our

Facebook Group 


Share experiences, connect and discuss the challenges of parenting gifted kids.

 3. Learn from

other parents 



It’s hard to say out loud, ‘I have a gifted kid’ but you’re not alone. Read stories from other parents as we share our journeys.

4. Do the




Join our waitlist to learn everything a parent needs to know about what gifted is and what it means for your child and your family.

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