Parenting gifted kids is hard and lonely but it doesn’t have to be.

These 3 Steps will get you going.

Step 1

learn about giftedness

Step 2

join the community

Step 3

find your parenting mojo

Discover the truth about being gifted so that you can parent with intention, without doubting yourself.

The important thing to remember is that it does not look like just one thing.

If your child is gifted then they don’t fit into a box. Not even a gifted box.

There is a range of characteristics that gifted kids share and there are different ways to be gifted so it is about understanding what this looks like for your child.

We’ve got a bunch of resources to help you figure it out!

Step 1 – Learn About Giftedness

Giftedness is not what most people think and it is important to understand it as being neuro-diverse, not just a person with a High IQ.

You can start by:

  • listening to our most popular ‘#002 What is gifted?’ and ‘#014 Understanding 2E’ podcasts.
  • read our blogs and parent stories to see what resonates with you, and
  • check out our FREE Parent effectively by learning about the gifted brain course online.

Listen to the podcast

Start with these two episodes:

#002 What is gifted? Who would know better than Lynda McInnes, Principal of Australia’s only school for gifted kids?

#014 Understanding 2E /Twice Exceptional Amanda Drury, the founder of Gifted 2E Support Australia, talks to us about the complexities of being gifted and having learning/physical disabilities.

Learn from other parents

It’s hard to say out loud, ‘I have a gifted kid’. But you’re not alone.

Read our blogs and stories to see what resonates with you.

Do the free course

By understanding the gifted brain you can parent more effectively. Don’t make the mistake of parenting with only one part of the picture. Gifted is more than just high IQ.

Part 1 is FREE, sign up here and we’ll email it to you.

Step 2 – Join the Community

Parenting a gifted kid can be really challenging and you need people around you who understand the very particular strengths and weaknesses of your child. We need a safe place we can celebrate their (sometimes very amazing) successes as much as we need a safe place to talk through the bad days. Our Gifted Kids is that place.

There are different ways to get involved in the Our Gifted Kids community:

  • you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and 
  • you can join our FREE Our Gifted Kids Facebook Group.

Step 3 – Find Your Parenting Mojo

Whether you realise it or not, you’re now on a new journey. That journey is different for everyone but there are some key milestones along the way. That is why we created the Our Gifted Kids Hub. The Hub is a monthly membership subscription that:

  • takes you through the 5 Steps on a  Journey to a New Normal,
    • Step 1. Understanding Gifted
    • Step 2. Education is Power
    • Step 3. Finding Their Happy Place
    • Step 4. A New Family Blueprint  
    • Step 5. Looking to the Future
  • Provides resources to help you parent your gifted child, and
  • Provides a wonderful community of parents and support.

The membership opens at limited times throughout the year. To get on the waitlist sign up for our newsletter.