We help parents of gifted kids by getting real about parenting these awesome quirky little people.

We talk to people who get it.

We gather and support each other in our community.

We provide information and resouces.

You don't have to feel like that parent anymore.
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The Our Gifted Kids Hub

If you think or know that your child is gifted, then join other parents of gifted kids for support, connection, and resources. Join a safe space with people who really get the ups and downs of this challenging parent journey! 


The Unpacking Gifted Course

Maybe someone said something about giftedness, maybe you’ve just got that knot in your stomach like too many things are lining up?! Either way, you need to know more! Our online course includes everything you need to know about what giftedness is really all about!

Unpacking Gifted Online Course for parents of gifted kids
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Blogs, Ebooks, Podcasts

Don’t know where to start but you know you need more information about giftedness? You’re in the right place! Check out our podcasts, blogs, and ebooks, and join us on Facebook or Instagram to find your people and get your questions answered!

Our Gifted Kids Podcast for parents of gifted kids

Need to know more about gifted assessments?

Is your child a perfectionist? or 2E?

What is 2E?

Sex, sexuality & gender – what does a parent of gifted kids need to know?

Screen timeGrowth mindset?

Listen to what the experts have to say and find comfort, that you are not alone, in the stories from other parents of gifted kids.

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Podcast Review Our Gifted Kids Podcast 5 Stars 2
Podcast Review Our Gifted Kids Podcast 5 Stars
"Well done on the latest podcast too!!! Can't thank you enough! I wasn't having a great day yesterday and it couldn't have come at a better time! Had me laughing a lot, crying and sighing with relief that I'm not alone! Thank you!!!"
Mum of gifted kid
Mum of Gifted Kid

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"Great story. So good to hear these experiences and know we are not alone in the journey." - gifted2Esupport
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