#032 [GTN Awareness Week] Unpacking Homes Schooling (& Maths) with Barry Gelston

Barry Gelston talks to us in Gifted Talented Neurodiverse Awareness Week

We dive into home-schooling (& maths!) with GHF’s (Gifted Home schoolers Forum) president (and founder of Mr Gelston’s One Room School House), Barry Gelston, as a part of our 5 PODCASTS over 5 DAYS for Gifted Talented Neurodiversity Awareness Week! Woo!

Barry teaches gifted & 2e students maths so we didn’t miss the chance to talk about that too!

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Hit play and let’s get started!

Memorable Quote

“Having these conversations and speaking to all of us is letting other people know that they’re not alone and that they can hear their stories in other people’s conversations and knowing that they can be okay. There is a way to make it through.”- Barry Gelston.



Barry Gelston, M.Ed. is the Board President of GHF whose mission is to empower every gifted family to make strategic, proactive, and intentional educational choices.

Currently, Mr. Gelston is a Doctoral student at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education whose focus is on supporting gifted and 2e families. Barry holds a Masters’ Degree in Education from Cambridge College focused on Middle School Mathematics Education and has also completed graduate level coursework in Research, Measurement, and Quantitative Analysis in Behavioral and Educational Sciences at Southern Connecticut State University.

Professionally, Mr. Gelston is a private math teacher who works with Gifted & 2e homeschool students who struggle with learning math in traditional settings. His practice supports families from around the world, working online in zoom and using other online assistive technology.

After spending 10 years working exclusively teaching math to Gifted and 2e learners, Mr. Gelston has focused solely on the needs of this community. In addition to using core math education tools taking a constructivist approach, his focus has been on allowing 2e learners the space to learn.

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