#033 [GTN Awareness Week] #ActuallyGifted Adult with Heather Cox

Gifted Talented Neurodiversity Awareness Week guest Heather Cox

Gifted Talented Neurodiversity Awareness Week wouldn’t be the same without talking about #actuallygifted Adults. Heather and our host, Sophia Elliott, talk about being a gifted adult, being identified as a child or as an adult (as gifted & Neuro-diverse) and the highs and lows of those journeys!

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Memorable Quote

“Because everything had come so easy up until that, in all of my subjects, when things started to get hard, then I started to say, well, I’m not interested in that, and I don’t want to do that anymore. That permeated everything and yeah, I found it very difficult because all of my peers had learned how to persist with things at a younger age because things had been tricky for them. So they had to try work these things out. Whereas I hadn’t had to do that.” – Heather Cox



Heather Cox

Heather Cox is a data analytics student (self-confessed data nerd), Rubik’s cube addict, resident volunteer historian of our heritage listed school, with passions and experience in motorsport, IT, furniture design, all kinds of history, critical thinking, programming and recently, microcontrollers. She loves the patterns of linguistics, has studied widely and uses random foreign expressions to get the attention of her kids. Heather has three gifted kids, volunteers as the parent committee convenor at their school and was identified as gifted as a child. She shares her personal journey with giftedness.

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