Unpacking Gifted Online Course for parents of gifted kids

The Unpacking Gifted Course

Wondering what this gifted thing is all about?!
Unpacking Gifted is our online course for parents of gifted kids, educators, or anyone wanting to understand what giftedness is all about.

The course is selfpaced, immediately available and delivered through an exclusive online portal that can be accessed indefinately. 

It includes the following:

Part 1 – Parent effectively by learning about the gifted brain

Across nine videos, this module unpacks how the gifted brain is different to a neurotypical brain and is central to understanding this neurotype.

Part 2 – Everything Explained

This module covers a brief history of IQ, then explains the common terms and concepts you encounter with giftedness. Across 11 videos we explain percentiles, levels, profiles, bell curves, characteristics & traits, gifted vs high achievers, assessment and more.

Part 3 – Red Flags in the Classroom

In seven videos we talk about what it’s like to be twice exceptional, asynchrony, perfectionism, overexcitabilitys and more.

Part 4 – Resource Library

Our further resources are a collection of videos, articles, and research that frequently grows and saves you from spending hours finding key sources.

Part 5 – Next Steps

Whether you’re a parent or educator, you’ll find inspiration for where to go next.