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    As a parent of three gifted children
    I am here to talk about all things gifted…

    Because I’ve been where you are now, wondering what to do and where to get help. Feeling alone and isolated and like ‘one of those parents’. Wondering what alternate reality I’d just fallen into?

    Then I found peace of mind, support, and my tribe.

    This Podcast is about sharing that journey, actually parenting gifted kids and connecting with advice and support so we have everything we need for every member of our family to thrive.

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    Cover for POdcast Episode Secret Parent Talk About Santa

    Secret Parent Talk About Santa

    In our final episode of 2020, let’s talk about Santa!

    All those questions! How does Santa fly around the world in one night? Where do all the gifts come from?

    As parents, it is hard to know what to say about Santa so in this episode we share one way of having the ‘Santa’ conversation that is sure to work!

    Show Notes and Transcript Here!

    This (Twice) Exceptional Life

    In this podcast, we talk parenting with Megan and about her Twice-Exceptional Life.

    Show Notes and Transcript Here!

    Podcast Cover for Our Gifted Kids Podcast
    Our Gifted Kids Podcast Cover Is Montessori a Good Match episode

    Is Montessori a good match for giftedness? – Selena’s Story

    We talk to Selena about uncovering her child’s giftedness and her experience of Montessori in the early years.

    Show Notes and Transcript Here!

    Starting Over – Tennille’s Story.

    We talk to Tennille about discovering her son is gifted and moving interstate to find like-minded friends and a school that worked for him.

    Show Notes and Transcript Here!

    Starting Over Podcast Episode Cover
    5 great books for gifted kids podcast

    5 great books for your gifted kid!

    It’s hard to find books especially for gifted kids so Gloria wrote a set (and it has notes for teachers and parents!).

    Show Notes and Transcript here!

    Perfectionism & Heavy Expectations

    Let’s talk to Samantha about her gifted kids who are now all grown up.

    Show Notes and Transcript here!

    Our Gifted Kids Podcast Cover Perfectionism Episode

    What is Gifted?

    Let’s talk to Lynda McInnes, Principal of Australia’s only school for gifted kids.


    To the Our Gifted Kids Podcast with Sophia Elliott.

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    What Parents Say

    “Peace of mind”

    I try very hard to model patience and understanding but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the constant negotiation and exhaustion of parenting such an intense child alone with no supports. It would give me peace of mind that I have done all I can to raise a good, kind person and someone who can live to his full potential.

    Mum of a very Gifted kid

    “Parents need help”

    They are feeling so desperate and feeling so disappointed in themselves and the perfectionism is so destructive. The depression and the anxiety that goes along with this is what parents need help with the most.

    Mum of 3 Gifted kids

    “A great support team”

    I don’t want them to feel weird and that they don’t belong anywhere, and to have low self-esteem because of it. We have a great support team, great friends and a great school, [so] I know they’ll be fine.

    Mum of 2 Gifted kids

    “Life is an adventure”

    I want them to be humble about their strengths and work hard on their challenges. I’m often unsure of the right questions to ask to get the information I’m looking for [but] at the end of the day the goal is happy, fulfilled kids – how to get there is the adventure.

    Mum of 3 Gifted kids