#055 [Gifted Awareness Week] Grandparenting Gifted Kids w/ Nana & Pop, Part 1

#056 [Gifted Awareness Week] Grandparenting Gifted Kids w Nana & Pop, Part 2 Featured Image for podcast

It’s Gifted Awareness Week and we are raising awareness with three new episodes this week!

In this episode, we’re talking to our gifted kids’ grandparents, Nana & Pop about what it is like to grandparent gifted kids. We talk about coming to terms with what giftedness is all about, having gifted grandkids and parenting across the generations.

It was such a great conversation, we have two parts, this is Part 1.

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Memorable Quote

“The hardest thing for me to do was change my attitude to children, you know, I had old-fashioned ideas.” – Pop

“I think once you get that [giftedness], when you have the education; and you’ve got to do a bit of reading yourself, once you’ve kind of got that in your mind. Actually, all you have to do really is accommodate them. You just have to love them.” – Nana


Some great resources for learning more about giftedness…

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